Patient Skin Care

Developed by UK chemists, Reynard Impregnated Skin Care Wipes provide gentle, effective and convenient skin cleansing while reducing cross-infection risks. Saving valuable time for carers, they offer a far more agreeable bathing experience for the patient.

Suitable for a wide variety of uses from healthcare through to travel and leisure, Reynard Skin Care Wipes are ideal anywhere running water or a full bath may not be available.

Skin care wipes are:
> Better for the skin
> Better for the carer
> Cost-effective
> Minimise cross-infection risks
> All in one product – no need for separate moisturizer
> No need for water – rinse free product
> Larger size, so you use less
> Dermatologically tested and approved
> CE marked

Used for:
> Anywhere running water, a full bath or shower is not available
> In hospitals
> In care homes
> In the field
> On the road
> On holiday, camping, diving and sailing

Reynard Skin Care Wipes will gently cleanse, moisturise and condition the skin. They are ideal for hand cleansing when washing facilities are not readily available, Reynard Skin Care Wipes are strong and soft; perfect for hospital and rest home use. Unperfumed to be extremely gentle to skin; dermatologically approved and presented in a re-sealable bag to prevent drying out they are the convenient Skin Care wipe for use anywhere, anytime.

Ideal for use in:
> Hospitals
> Aged care and rest homes
> Commercial
> Childcare and pre-schools
> Retail

Product specifications and availability may vary according to country.


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