Reynard Environmental Sustainability Programme

Reynard understands that its business activities impact the earth and its natural resources. Consequently, we will continue our focus and efforts to conserve resources, protect natural habitats and prevent pollution both locally and globally.

Our sustainability mantra is one of the key prerequisites that we utilise in our decision-making processes when selecting and partnering with our overseas based manufacturing partners.

Reynard have a responsible approach to preventing and reducing the effect of environmental issues. We have programs in place that reduce and recycle packaging, in particular inner pack and carton materials that also provide cost savings to our customers


We will deliver sustainable results by:

  • Developing environmental best practices in products, programmes and services
  • Deliver business and environmental sustainability through the implementation of ISO14001 (This ISO accreditation provides the framework and metrics for Environmental Management Certification)
  • Setting of environmental impact goals, and measuring ongoing performance
  • Engaging with our customers, employees, suppliers and local communities to minimise our environmental footprint
  • Adherence with local country and state based environmental legislation

As a medical technology company, we actively promote ‘flow wrap’ packaging for our prepared hard surface wipes as this packaging material generates far less waste and pollutants versus the use of plastic buckets and tubs. However, should any customer elect to use Reynard branded buckets and tubs; these are recyclable and can be disposed of via general waste or rinsed thoroughly and recycled. Disposal must be in accordance with current national and local New Zealand regulations.

Deliverables to date for New Zealand Hospitals nationally include the development and product uptake of Reynard biodegradable dry multi-purpose cleaning wipes, compostable paper pill cups, biodegradable dry patient wipes, and more recently clinical product evaluations are underway for compostable clinical apparel.

Reynard is actively striving to supersede current product technologies with highly viable sustainable product alternatives as optional new raw materials become available. Our UK based R&D team are currently developing a new revolutionary surface cleaning and disinfection wipe that will be as effective as our existing product technologies, but will also be biodegradable.


 Our sustainability areas of focus include:

  • Ongoing education to all external and internal stakeholders
  • Continuous process improvement to minimise waste by recycling and reusing materials
  • Implementation of sustainable procurement practices
  • Reduce energy consumption and measure performance
  • Continuous search for new innovative raw materials to minimise the environmental impact
  • Utilisation of recycled materials for all inner and outer product packaging materials where possible
  • Continuous R&D new product development inclusive of environmental impact studies
  • Enhanced transportation management e.g. reduction in road miles through journey and load optimisation

The global environment continues to be a key focus of Reynard’s current business model, and will be a major point of differentiation in providing the company with a key marketing advantage. Locally within New Zealand, additional environmental management legislation is already in the pipeline, and in readiness for more robust regulations
– you can rely on Reynard to provide this reassurance.