Quality Processes

Our extensive Research and Development ensures that we are in a position to provide you with high quality products that we believe will meet the current and future needs of the Healthcare Sectors in reducing the possibility of transmission of potential pathogens.

Our quality control measures are designed to track our ability to deliver the highest levels in customer service that our customers demand. In order to do this we monitor the key processes throughout our business through a series of key performance indicators. These measurements filter through our organisation to become part of each department and individual staff member’s goals.

Our performance measures are reported on each month and the results are audited internally to the level demanded by ISO 9001 compliance. Our Operating Manual sets out in detail how each specific process within our business should be carried out. This provides a training framework when new staff join our team and also ensures that we have consistency in our procedures within our organisation. It also provides a platform for our staff to question our status quo and come up with new ideas to enable our business to continually improve.