Biodegradable Soft wipes (100% Bamboo)

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Reynard Biodegradable soft wipes contain no harsh chemicals, are fragrance free and are ultra soft and gentle.
In independent laboratory tests, deionised water was added to the wipes and then extracted. The extracted residue yielded zero chemicals.

These wipes are come in boxes of 50 wipes and are a preferred alternative to flannels/face cloths.  They are low linting, highly absorbent and 100% Bamboo.

Reynard Biodegradable soft wipes are easily dispensed from the box, one wipe at a time—no wasted wipes pulled through. They are highly portable, convenient and practical. They are a cost effective alternative to laundered cloths.

Reynard Biodegradable Dry Wipes should be disposed of in your ‘green waste’ segregation stream. They fully compost in under three (3) months in appropriate, compost conditions contributing to a cleaner environment.
Research has shown that over half of the general waste going to land-fills is organic waste which is a valuable resource when used to make compost. “High-grade” compost plays a major part in raising the efficiency of New Zealand’s agriculture. It has been shown to reduce the need for cultivation and improve the water holding capacity of the soil. This can lead to a 20% reduction in irrigation costs - resulting in less need for fertilizers and pesticides and, most importantly, increased yields.


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