Reynard’s Neutral Detergent Wipes are an alcohol and fragrance free solution to cleaning surfaces.  The ingredients used in this product are found in a lot of personal care products making them gentle on the user’s skin.

Reynard Health Supplies Neutral Detergent Wipes are rinse free and removes the need for using chemicals and water.  This makes them a cost- effective option for general cleaning.

These wipes are large!  They are 33 x20cm in size.   They also have a flip top lid which stops the wipes drying out.
Simply close the lid when finished.  The wipes come in packs of 50 and can be purchased as a carton or as many individual packs as you require.


These wipes are fantastic for use where harsh chemicals need to be avoided, ie: food preparation surfaces, kitchens, nurseries….

Neutral Detergent Wipes also have an “Antibacterial” claim and when tested against E.Coli, MRSE, Salmonella and Listeria they had a kill result of 99.997%.


Reynard Wipes are developed with convenience in mind.  Used widely throughout the healthcare sector, these wipes make and excellent addition to your home cleaning kit.  They are ideal for surfaces, including high chairs, kitchen surfaces and they make short work of range hoods!!